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Formula’s R&D plan consists of allogeneic CIK-CAR.CD19 for B cell malignancies, followed closely by the development of allogeneic CIK-CAR.CD33 for myeloid leukemias. Within the area of solid tumors, Formula plans to develop a CIK-CAR.PSMA program and other proprietary targets. Formula is also developing a proprietary target for Multiple Myeloma.

Formula’s R&D pipeline as of December 2016

ALL and NHL post bone marrow transplantation

• CD19 is a B-lymphocyte surface antigen
• Fastest path to clinical Proof of Concept for the C.I.K. CAR platform


• CD33 is an Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) surface antigen
• Extensively validated therapeutic target in AML patients


• Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen is a clinically validated target
• Not only expressed on prostate malignancies, but also on the endothelial layer of tumor-specific neovascular tissues in various solid tumors, such as breast-, ovarian-, pancreas- and lung cancer

Other solid and hematologic tumor targets:
Indications Confidential

• Expanding indications, particularly in solid tumors